In 1939, José Ignacio Vivanco Parada at 17 years of age, along with his mother, started a simple and inexpensive place to eat homemade cooking on Cumming street, where a patio in the back of a vegetable shop, which was also a home, served a few regular patrons who enjoyed the pork stews and “chicha” (fermented apple or grape juice) from Villa Alegre to accompany social gatherings of card games and conversation.

When José Ignacio went to the Municipality to obtain a restaurant license they asked him the name of the restaurant and he answered that it had no name since it was a small business , but since it was a requirement for getting the permit, he decided to give it the name “Los Buenos Muchachos” (The Good Old Boys) referring to a group of customers that always met there who were employees of the ETC (State Collective Transport Company) who always sang the song which gave rise to the name of the restaurant.

In the 1960’s Los Buenos Muchachos was a great spot where the main dishes were “pichanga” (mixture of pickled foods consisting in small pieces ham, different types of cheese, olives and salami) and “arrollado” (seasoned pork rolls) prepared by Mr. Nacho himself.

At that time his wife, Clorinda Bravo, joined him in the work and the restaurant began to grow and became known in bohemian circles of writers, politicians, journalists, and intellectuals who enjoyed long conversations until dawn, along with good wine and steaming ham hocks.

At the end of the 1970’s the construction of a new building began next to the restaurant, and with this expansion, music and folklore shows were added, as well as preparing barbecues, which adapted very well to national tastes.

In the early 1980’s José Ignacio Jr. began to take over the management of the restaurant, giving it new energy and incorporating new ideas to the traditional spot, building the foundations for the restaurant we all know.